The Cleveland Parent Equity Group began meeting in 2019 after a series of disturbing, persistent racial incidents began taking place at CHS. Our aim was to assist the school administration in its efforts to address racial hostility and, as a constructive strategy, to open the channels of communication between school leadership, parents, and teachers as well as established parent groups such as the PTA and the Foundation. At the same time, we began meeting with student affinity groups in order to understand their concerns and perspectives; please see the resources page for the work of the student-led Cleveland Alliance for Racial Equity (CARE). Thus began the work of building bridges and relationships across the school with the singular focus of racial equity. While multiple changes of school leadership have been challenging for the greater Cleveland community generally, the CHS Parent Equity Group has maintained its commitment to equity and looks forward to a productive, exciting year of guest lectures and discussions and readings.

Burnside Bridge Portland OR June 2, 2020

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