Statement on Antisemitic Vandalism at CHS

The Cleveland High School Parent & Caregiver Equity Group is disturbed by the antisemitic hate speech and destruction that appeared on our school building and track facilities this past weekend. All students and educators deserve a safe educational space free from harassment and hate speech. Speech that vilifies or incites hatred based on race, religion, skin color, sexual identity, gender identity, disability, ethnicity or national origin is unacceptable in our community, and we will take its offense seriously.

We are grateful for Principal Wadkins’ swift actions to document and report the vandalism, activate student support services, and inform families. Likewise, we are grateful for the work by District facility crews to remove as much of the offensive material as possible before students arrived Monday morning. We appreciate the administration’s practice of transparent, informative conversation in the classroom and with the greater community. We encourage you to keep the conversation going with your student, listening to their experiences and concerns, so that we as a community can be responsibly active in protecting the safety and well being of all students.

Any concern or information regarding hate speech, or safety threats can be reported to Principal Wadkins (, or any trusted staff member, or anonymously to SafeOregon.

Recognizing the work of equity and antiracism is never finished, we continue to look for ways to do better and encourage the same of all partners in this work. To connect with other parents and caregivers seeking a community dedicated to disrupting oppression, please attend our monthly group meeting or email us Feel free to explore our website, and to learn more click on the “Join Us” button below to receive updates on our events and activities.

Mission Statement

The Cleveland High School Parent Equity Group strives to create community bound by a commitment to antiracism, to interrupt all forms of oppression and to examine our own biases and privilege. We are families and caregivers dedicated to listening to the diverse voices and perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators and to understanding the complex ways that systemic racism creates harm and inequity.

We aim to partner with the school administration and the broader community to advance antiracist and inclusive policies and to support students and families of color as well as other underserved groups. Our goal is to center racially and ethnically diverse perspectives and to celebrate the strength and resilience of our communities and to see the translation of these values into classroom practice and in the curriculum. By offering a space for conversation and engagement, we hope to build a broad, inclusive culture of inquiry built on a foundation of racial equity.

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