We are excited to announce the CHS Parent Equity Blog, a broad and inclusive representation of community voices. Here you can read posts from the people who teach and learn at CHS and from parents and counselors and other members of the greater community. We hope that this is a place where teachers and administration can share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of creating a more equitable environment for students of color, of closing the achievement gap, and of crafting curriculum that better teaches the complexity of our history and our students’ lived experience. We hope that parents will use this space to voice their concerns about school and for students to give their first-person accounts of what it is like to learn at Cleveland.

If you are interested in writing a blog or suggesting a topic to explore, please share your thoughts HERE.


October 2021 - Grabbing racism by the lapels by the lapels: A Parent's Journey By Sarah Kruger

Sarah is a Cleveland parent and member of the Parent Equity Group.

March 2021 - ¿Que Son Los Estudios Étnicos? By Zulema Naegele

Zeluma es la madre de un estudiante de Cleveland y una subdirectora en PPS. También disponible en Inglés.

March 2021 - What Is Ethnic Studies? By Zulema Naegele

Zulema is a Cleveland parent and an Assistant Principal in PPS. Also available in Spanish.

January 2021 - What Is A Land Acknowledgement? By Pedro Ferbel - Azacarate

Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate is the writer of our first blog, appropriately on the theme of land acknowledgement. Pedro is a Cleveland parent and teaches in the Black Studies department at Portland State University.